Babi Guling Bali

Babi Guling is a roasted suckling pig, and cooked with smear Balinese turmeric and oil. first take out the bowel of pig and then a suckling pig is skewer and then rolled / grilled over a ember made from dried coconut shells, inside the pig is stuffed many special flavor and cassava leaf. and then grilled until all done.The intestines of pig is used for URUTAN ( balinese sausage ). in ubud village there are tree kind of urutan. ORET, SEMUWUK and URUTAN. ORET is pig intestines with blended Balinese potato ( sela ), flour, pig blood and balinese spices inside. SEMUWUK : same with ORET but without pig blood and change with egg. ORET and SEMUWUK is boiled first after that grilled until done. and then URUTAN is stuffed with pork and balinse spices inside, and fried until it is brownish.

Originally Babi Guling and Urutan is made for Balinese ritual ceremony. but now Babi Guling and Urutan can be found in many restaurants and certain hotels in Bali area. Babi Guling well-known as Be Guling.