Legian Beach Shopping

Don’t want to go home with empty baggage? No need to be worried, Legian is full with local boutiques and art shops need a bigger luggage? Start your journey from Melasti Street crossroad to Double Six Street, if your baggage hasn’t full yet, try a little adventure by taking small alleys, you might find good painting with leaner price. Legian Main Street is only 3 km long and best to explore by bike or motorcycle for only Rp. 25,000 per day rent but there always a reason for one who wants to get cardio exercise. Since most of art shop doesn’t offer fixed price, bargain is a must.

By the Sea
Dominated by tropical tone selection, Brazilian owned resort wear has been in Bali since 2001 with collection from children to adult. By the Sea uses soft natural cotton and other light materials which guaranteed its comfort. Just a perfect option to one who wants to look casual on traditional cut yet still remains classy.
Location: on Jalan Legian

Named after cliff-edge temple in southern Bali, Uluwatu is an original Indonesian style of fashion with meticulous embroidery as its trademark. Originally for ceremonial purpose only within Indonesian women, lace became important as it was considered rare and almost gone. Their product line includes women’s clothing, nightwear, bed linen, table linen and more. Isn’t just the right way to enjoy the Island of Paradise with its original style? 
Location: on Jalan Legian


Expanding to retails and ready to wear, Bali based brand Hippichic opens its boutique on Legian Street. Their design inspired by sixties and seventies fashion, and made exclusively for women with the sense of flower generation. If you’re a joyful, fun and optimistic, Hippichic gives you a fashion with personality.
Location: on Jalan Legian

The Curl
One of the biggest surf shops in the area, Rip Curl-managed surf dock offers you a great variety of top rank surf gear from wrist watch to board wax. Don’t forget to check 2nd storey for discounted items. If you’re a diehard surfer or a serious wannabe, make sure you stop by before you dip in to the sea. 
Location: on Jalan Legian

Birkenstock Shoes
The German-made shoes and sandals now in Bali, with more than 230 years experience Birkenstock remains to keep its quality as one well-built leather-based shoemaker yet comfortable. Birkenstock also embrace Heidi Klum as its brand representatives and designer for her “Specials by Heidi Klum.” You might want to get one of those “Specials.”
Location: on Jalan Legian

Suarti Silver
One of Balinese famous artist, Suarti has performed for presidents to statesmen as a dancer, musician, and painter. Her Suarti Silver Company designs and manufactures sterling silver jewelry for casual to ceremonial purpose. The designs itself is a combination between modern and traditional design and yet still maintaining its originality to Balinese tradition and culture.
Location: on Jalan Legian

Mertanadi Art Market (Melasti Street)
This is one of many traditional art markets in Bali where you can find almost everything from fake glasses to famous Bintang shirt. If you want to experience the real deal this is one thing you must try but always remember to be calm when you get hassled by stall owners, take a careful look at things you want to buy and bargain is a must.
Location: on Jalan Legian

Asia Line Handycraft
One of many qualified art shop in Legian Street, with such range products from chandeliers to rattan bags, from batik mask to wooden puppets, Asia Line expanded from small retail shop to wholesale export-oriented company with regular clients from Australia, France, Japan, Netherland, UK, and USA. Asia Line workshops are located in Bantul Yogyakarta, Bogor West Java and Tegal Alang Ubud.